How have articles been selected for inclusion in the Nature Index?

The Nature Index includes primary research articles published in a group of high-quality science journals. The journals included in the Nature Index are selected by a panel of active scientists, independently of NPG. The selection process reflects researchers’ perceptions of journal quality, rather than using quantitative measures such as Impact Factor. It is intended that the list of journals amounts to a reasonably consensual upper echelon of journals in the natural sciences and includes both multidisciplinary journals and some of the most highly selective journals within the main disciplines of the natural sciences. The 68 journals included in the first release of the Nature Index represent less than 1% of the journals covering natural sciences in the Web of Science but account for close to 30% of total citations to natural science journals.

Two panels of scientists are responsible for selection of journals: one drawn from the physical sciences, the other from the life sciences.

  • Chair of Physical Sciences Panel: John Morton, Royal Society University Research Fellow, Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK
  • Chair of Life Sciences Panel: Yin-Biao Sun, British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow, Randall Division, Kings College, London, UK
The composition and total number of journals included in the Nature Index will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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